Sponsored a trip for Dr. Jeyhun Mammadov

The Health Sub-committee of the Society, headed by Dr. Ali Atalar, sponsored a trip for Dr. Jeyhun Mammadov from the Thalassaemia Centre in Baku to visit Kings College Medical School Haematology Department with the specialist unit to look at the treatment and research of Thalassaemia in the UK.
Dr. Mammadov began his clinical attachment at Kings College on the 19th September for 4 weeks.
At the present time all diagnostic and treatment facilities for the thalassaemia sufferers are provided free by the Azerbaijani Government.  In addition, since 2013 all prospective couples are tested before their marriage for the disease of thalassemia as it is so common in Azerbaijan; there are at least 50 patients coming through the clinic each day, mostly children and this disease means that the patient has to have constant blood transfusions unless a family member can be found for a transplant. The outcome of the disease if not treated, results in early death.  During his stay in England he visited several prominent hospitals in London and was able to observe and discuss the modern and most up to date methods of diagnosis and treatment of the disease.
The most important gain for him was to look into managing a successful bone marrow transplantation technique from non-relative donors.  As a result it is clear to Dr. Mammadov that in order to achieve this type of transplantation, establishment of a special stem cell laboratory is essential and a clinic in Baku is just starting to be set up. Coinciding with Dr. Mammadov’s visit to the UK, he was able to attend the 10th international Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Disease Conference in London.  He said it was very useful in updating his knowledge regarding the most recent development in the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases.  In summary Dr. Mammadov said he felt that what he gained from his visit helped him to improve the diagnosis and treatment that the clinic in Baku can offer Thalassemia suffers being treated.

Dr. Mammadov said he was grateful to Professor Pashayeva, Lord German and Dr. Atalar for kindly sponsoring and supporting his visit to London.